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Yellow Cedar

Walnut Wood

Yellow cedar grows along the coast and is common west of the coastal mountains of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada. It is a medium-sized tree growing up to 24 metres tall and 90 centimetres in diameter when mature. It is a rare and beautiful tree that is tough, solid and extremely durable.

This wood is incredibly easy to work. Some of its applications are joinery and carpentry, decorative panelling, furniture, mouldings and cabinetwork. Due to its durability, yellow cedar is used for shingles, posts, poles, marine pilings, small boat hulls, oars and paddles, water and chemical tanks, exterior door and window boxes. Yellow cedar is also one of the world’s most durable woods having exceptional longevity. In India, it has proven popular for door frame manufacturing.

Our Yellow Cedar sawn timber line includes

  • Hand selected and re-graded lumbers in several sizes 
  • Kiln dried to a maximum of 18% moisture content 
  • Surfaced on all four sides with edged edges. 
  • Origin: Canada

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