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All of our operations are driven by our customers’ needs. We listen closely to the needs and wishes of our customers. As a family business, we can make quick and flexible decisions.
All of our operations are driven by our customers’ needs. We listen closely to the needs and wishes of our customers. As a family business, we can make quick and flexible decisions. We commit to a project from the first contact and effectively seek the optimal solution. Our hands and machines can give wood a million different shapes. The principles behind our sustainable operations are a high-quality, long-term and customer-first approach, highly advanced production machinery and precise quality assurance methods.

We help our customers succeed by creating unique, tailored solutions that create added value for their businesses. Our customers appreciate the consistently high quality of our products and services, our reliable deliveries, expertise and the BFP attitude that is reflected in everything that we do.Our customers are the most important stakeholders that guide our management and decision-making.

Other than customers, we consider following stakeholders as our important partner:

Procurement focuses on choices that support sustainable development

The goal of our procurement operations is to promote our company’s finances and to develop the quality and efficiency of our procurement. Our procurement operations are proactive and systematic. We take financial, ethical, social and ecological development into account in our procurement. Procurement planning takes total and lifecycle costs into account and ensures economical and effective control of our products and services.

We only sell ethically manufactured products. We track the origin of the wood we use and our suppliers’ responsibility. We use wood origin chain of custody systems to ensure that all wood material is acquired from a legally and ethically trustworthy source. We emphasise the importance of traceability to our suppliers and, when necessary, require traceability from their products. Our supplier contracts require the suppliers to ensure their accountability for sustainability.

In our procurement, we favour sustainable products and services. At the same time, we expect our suppliers and subcontractors to manage their own supply chains and all of the intermediate phases. We seek a reliable, respectful and honest relationship with our suppliers which benefits both parties.

We have longstanding relationships with forest owners

We want to be a fair wood procurer that operates with a long-term approach and with respect for the principles of sustainable forestry. Our own network of procurement managers and partners works closely with forest owners. Timber trade and forestry are important to forest owners and they need to proceed smoothly and securely.

Our Group’s wood procurement has as its customers tens of thousands of private forest owners. Most of the forest owners are couples, pensioners and estates located in rural areas, but this trend is changing as the forests transfer to the younger generations. Our goal in wood procurement is to also anticipate the needs of future forest owners.

We play an active role in society

Our goal is to bring about positive co-operation and to maintain it with our stakeholders. We have surveyed our most important stakeholders and influence channels. Our strategy and local needs guide our activity in the networks. Our support activities also take long-term strategic reviews into account.

Additionally, in our internal training, we make use of representatives from external networks according to needs and possibilities. Our advocacy activities are mostly performed through our active memberships.

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