You are viewing applications of White Oak Wood
You are viewing applications of White Oak Wood
You are viewing applications of White Oak Wood
You are viewing applications of White Oak Wood
You are viewing applications of White Oak Wood
You are viewing applications of White Oak Wood

What is White Oak Wood?

White oak is a popular hardwood that contains about 500 varieties of beech trees. According to white oak wood suppliers in India, It has a good combination of strength, hardness, and weather resistance. Interior trim, furniture, and cabinets are frequently made of oak. This wood, which stands for tenacity and strength, is highly regarded and admired.

Europe and the Eastern U.S. are home to a large population of white oak. When compared to American oak, European oak often has a straighter, more subdued grain pattern with fewer pip and burr flecks.

The heartwood is light to dark brown, while the sapwood is a lighter shade. Most of the white oak is straight-grained and has a medium-to-coarse feel. White oak is a dense, hefty, hard wood that is low in stiffness but excellent for steam bending. It has medium bending strength and crushing strength. It is extremely wear-resistant. Buy this product with BFP, one of the best  white oak wood suppliers in India.


With both hand and machine tools, oak wood can be treated beautifully and is quite easy to work with. It works well for furniture that bends and fuses quickly.  Woodworkers prefer BFP to buy this product,  one of the best white oak wood suppliers in India.


The majority of oak on the market is FSC-certified and comes from the US, Europe, and other countries in the UK. However, one must use caution when buying stock from specific European nations because they may be involved in illegal forestry.

Common Uses

Items such as furniture, flooring, architectural millwork, moulding, doors, kitchen cabinets, panelling, barrel staves (tight cooperage), and coffins.

Our selection of white oak sawn timber includes:

  • No knots or fractures; clear
  • Materials with and without edges and a range of widths
  • Materials in KD and Non-KD are offered
  • Dimensions: available in thicknesses of 27, 40, 50, 65 and 75mm
  • Requestable additional dimensions
  • Origin: Europe


Tree Size

65-85 ft (20-25 m) tall

Trunk Diameter

65-85 ft (20-25 m) tall

Janka Hardness

1,350 lbf (5,990 N)

Average Dried Weight

47.0 lbs/ft3 (755 kg/m3)


When worked, it emits a distinctive scent typical of most oaks.


Works well with both hand and machine tools to produce outcomes. Has mediocre dimensional stability due to its somewhat high shrinkage values.


Straight grain has a rough, uneven texture.


The IUCN has classified this wood species as a species of least concern even though it is not included in the CITES Appendices.


Drying process takes a long time






Priced reasonably (Usually a little more affordable than White Oak)

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