We Are Looking for Partners

We Are Looking For Architect, Interior Designer Partners

BFP is looking for architects and interior designers who are interested in Decorative, Exotic Wood and Engineered Wood Products. We are looking for curious minds with a desire to design inspiring and durable wooden buildings.

Our in-house consultants, who specialize in wooden structures and having in-depth knowledge of wood quality, will provide initial support for you to decide the desired wood products. Working with BFP is a great opportunity for you to build your own knowhow in sustainable wooden products. Once you have designed a few unique projects exterior as well as interior using our products, we will invite you to join our BFP Architect & Designer Collaboration Network. As a member, we’ll promote you and your work to our customers. We’re looking for people who can contribute top quality work. Architects and Designers are selected by:

– Offering a great online portfolio of existing work.
– Consistently creating and offering high quality interior and exterior items.
– Creating new items that are on trend with commercial demand.

Be Part of BFP Architect & Designer Collaboration Network. As Part of being on BFP, your portfolio will also be considered for showcase on BFP Architect & Designer Collaboration Network. Take your portfolio to the next level. Applications are now open. Architects and Designers are hand-picked by our team to join. If you’d like to work with BFP or if you’d like to know more, please visit either our Kaithal, Haryana office or our Gandhidham, Gujarat office.

Interested in discussing your project? Let’s discuss!

Phone – : +91 99920 23769 , +91 97277 95221
Email – : [email protected]
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