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Redwood Pine

Walnut Wood

Pine is somewhat plain, with a little grain pattern. It's amber coloured, with some streaks of brown. For this reason, most woodworkers choose knotty pine for cabinets, trim and special projects. Knotty pine is full of knots, swirls, defects and colour variations. It's perfect for cabinets, furniture and trims with a complex array of features that add character to the project. Most cabinetmakers rely on plywood to build cabinets. However, many cabinetmakers and furniture builders glue solid pine panels together, instead of plywood, to build cabinets. Others use plywood which is readily available and cheap combined with pine lumber to build face frames for cabinets.

Pine is a softwood that flourishes throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Its availability has made it one of the most affordable building materials. With a variety of applications that include paper manufacturing, mouldings, construction lumber, furniture, floors and cabinets, pine could be considered one of the most widely used domestic softwoods on the market.Redwood Pine can be easily machined, sawn and nailed. It has superior gluing properties as well as superior finish-holding ability. Redwood Pine is often used for applications where high moisture levels are a problem for other types of wood. Its light weight however makes it unsuitable for heavy structural work.

Our Red Pine sawn timber line includes 

  • Hand selected and re-graded lumbers in several sizes
  • Kiln dried to a maximum of 18% moisture content
  • Surfaced on all four sides with edged edges.
  • Origin: Europe
  • Sizes:18mm x 100mm
    19mm x 90mm/140mm
    21.5mm x 105mm/110mm
    22mm x 100mm
    27mm x 105mm/120mm
    30mm x 105mm/120mm
    38mm x 89mm/140mm/150mm/200mm/225mm
    45mm x 90mm/95mm//105mm/120mm/204mm
    50mm x 150mm/200mm
    63mm x 150mm/200mm

    Other dimensions available on request

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