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Available Species in BFP THERMO® Wood : Pine & White Ash

Thermo Pine

BFP Thermo® wood is an inexpensive, environment friendly, and resistant, building material which is proving to be very popular, especially for external cladding.

BFP Thermo® wood is produced by thermally modifying wood using only heat, steam and pressure.

BFP Thermo® wood is manufactured in special drying chambers with the temperature from 160°C to 215°C

Thermal treatment of wood is completely ecological which makes BFP Thermo® wood nontoxic, Recyclable and natural.

  • No chemicals are used in the heat treatment process
  • No hazardous waste at the end of life
  • Moisture content of approximately 6-8% (+/-2% )
  • Enhanced paint performance due to outstanding dimensional stability
  • Depending on the length and intensity of thermal treatment, BFP Thermo® wood color can change

BFP Thermo® wood should last several years and does not need surface treatment applied to it. Some people prefer to finish their BFP Thermo® wood cladding with a stain, but if left untreated, the wood may lose its color and turn silver grey. Uncoated BFP Thermo® wood exterior cladding can provide a 30-40 years life, but if coated, BFP Thermo® wood may have a 50-years of life, providing the coating is maintained in-line with the coating manufactures recommendations.

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