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Douglas Fir

Walnut Wood

Douglas Fir is native to Western North America and is a part of the pine family. It is considered as a first-class wood for the manufacturing of sash, doors and windows. The wood is often used in general millwork, furniture, cabinets, veneer, vats, ship and boat construction, transmission poles and marine pilings, and for structural purposes including laminated arches and roof trusses. Douglas fir is commonly used for building and construction purposes due to its extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio and availability in large dimensions. In India, it has been used in post and beam construction and is highly recommended for solid doors and door frames.

Douglas fir has excellent strength properties and the wood dries rapidly with small dimensional movement. It is relatively easy to work, with good machining qualities. It turns, planes and shapes well and can be sanded to a smooth finish. The wood glues easily, has good nail and screw holding ability and takes a good finish.

Our Douglas Fir sawn timber line includes

  • Hand selected and re-graded lumbers in several sizes 
  • Kiln dried to a maximum of 18% moisture content 
  • Surfaced on all four sides with edged edges. 
  • Origin: Canada

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