You are viewing applications of Barma Teak
You are viewing applications of Barma Teak
You are viewing applications of Barma Teak
You are viewing applications of Barma Teak
You are viewing applications of Barma Teak
You are viewing applications of Barma Teak

What is Burmese teak wood?

Burma teak is an ancient tree that grows exclusively in the forests of Burma and Myanmar. This teak wood is commonly referred to as “the king of woods”. It is regarded as the best raw material for making furniture. This wood is frequently used in both household and commercial construction, according to BFP, one of the best teak wood suppliers in India.

Golden in hue, the grains are arranged tastefully. It is the kind of teak wood that lasts the longest. Their growth period exceeds 70 years. It contains a lot of teak’s natural oils. It is the priciest teak that is sold in the market from the teak wood dealers in India

Burma teak offers strong form retention and durability by nature. It can give your furniture a beautiful appearance and a regal feel. White ants, other insects, and termites cannot harm Burmese teak. It also requires less care because it is one of the toughest and most resilient types of wood.


It is simple to cut and form. Excellent workability qualities, inherent durability, and excellent form retention. Because it is simple to handle, polish, and work with, many different carved designs can be created. Its flexibility and strong fiber both facilitate woodworking and allow woodworkers to produce a wide range of products.


This species of wood is not listed in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species or the CITES Appendices. However, teak imports have been restricted as a result of a recent (February 2021) military coup in Myanmar, the world’s largest teak producer. The sale of teak with the help of wood suppliers in India is associated with ongoing tyranny and breaches of human rights since the main corporation exporting the wood is owned by the government.

Common Uses

Carving, turning, veneer, furniture, exterior construction, ship and boat construction, and other tiny wood things.

Our collection of MP/Nagpur teak wood products includes:

  • No knots or breaks; clear
  • Materials in KD and Non-KD are available.
  • Materials in KD and Non-KD are offered
  • Common dimensions are length (6 feet and up), width (3 inches and up), and thickness (1.5 inch and up)
  • On request, more dimensions are available.
  • Origin: Burma


Tree Size

100-130 ft (30-40 m) tall

Trunk Diameter

3-5 ft (1-1.5 m)

Janka Hardness

1,070 lbf (4,740 N)

Average Dried Weight

40.9 lbs/ft3


When newly milled, teak can have a smell like leather.


Woodworkers can build a wide range of goods because of the material's excellent workability qualities.


Although it can occasionally be wavy or interlaced, grain is generally straight. moderate to low natural shine and a rough, uneven texture. Natural oils give raw, untreated wood surfaces an oily or greasy texture.


Both the CITES Appendices and the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species do not include this wood species.




Very strong and durable


Requires less maintenance


It is the most expensive teak available in the market

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