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BFP Charred® Wood : Also known as Shou Shugi Ban and Yakisugi, the modern search for sustainable architectural wood solutions has led many renowned architects in many countries to adopt the charring technique to provide long term structural wood options for wall claddings, flooring and decking, interior panels and designer furniture. Introducing for the first time in India, our low maintenance sustainable charred timber solutions adapting through latest technology an ancient process to meet modern architectural performance standards.

The modern charring process removes the carbohydrate content and increases the proportion of lignin in the wood as well as burns out the resins to create a wood solution that is many times more moisture resistant, fire resistant, rot and termite resistant than untreated wood.

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Espresso Walnut

Charred and brushed artistically to keep a protective armour of brown natural carbon layer, the Espresso Walnut highlights with an embossing of all the knots and grains of the wood surface like a beautiful woven fabric. Treated with our propreitary penetrating bio-friendly oil, resin and wax blends to keep the wood fibres refreshed for years and years to come. The back of the planks are also covered in armour of black carbon. Savor the look of natural wood for decades to come with our Espresso Walnut.

Midnight Raven

The flagship charred wood with a 400 year old heritage going back to Japan. Also called Yakisugi, its Intense gator texture has in modern times inspired renowned architects world over. Even today one can walk through historic districts of Japan and see claddings nearly a century old still holding firm. Intense and timeless, this is simply put, world's most durable natural wood product. The sculptural textured enigma that is the Midnight Raven, a thick carbon armour will hold its fiery essence for decades.

Honey Pecan

Beginning it's life with a deep black char in our fiery treatment process, our world leading brushing techniques work through thick charr layers to craft an unparalleled contrast of a clean transparent texture along with carbonized blacks on the knots and intricate grain lines. In house biodegradable tints are calibrated to create a summery fresh Honey Pecan glaze finish.

Chalk and Charcoal 

Breathing aesthetic bliss into your surroundings, our deep textured chalk and charcoal striped fiery creation revels in pairing with either natural or interior light. Keeping the authentic charm of natural wood tones with an ultra clear finish soaking durability deep into the wood while adding bold crispness to alternating lines of natural and black, our chalk and charcoal brings you unmatched refinement.

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