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Exotic Wood

Fine exotic woods, domestic woods and rare hardwoods are our specialty! We have wide range of exotic wood at great prices.  VIEW OUR CATALOGUE

BFP Exterior Range

BFP Thermo®

BFP Thermo Wood is dimensionally stable,
resistant to decay & resin free.

BFP Charred®

BFP Charred wood shousugi ban offers different colour choices and can be adapted to your needs and preferences


BFP IPE truly is the best hardwood products available in terms of strength, stability, and, durability.

How Wood is better than UPVC??

Wood Windows Are More Budget-Friendly in The Long Run
The initial cost of wood can be more expensive than uPVC, but it all depends on the type of wood species...

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All About Seasoned Wood

Seasoning reduces the likelihood of stain, mildew, or decay developing in transit, storage, or subsequent use. Blue stain fungi and wood-destroying fungi cannot grow...

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What are the health benefits of using wood in Interiors?

Science confirms that seeing natural elements promotes positive feelings, stress-reduction, faster mental recovery, and decline in subjective feelings of pain...

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Hardwood vs Softwood

The distinction between hardwood and softwood is important because tree form and size can be very different. And the basic wood anatomy of hardwoods and softwoods is distinctly...

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Our Corporate Responsibility

We are a leading global forest products provider that meet and exceed customer expectations for quality, sustainability and certification. We have quality wood products in our own warehouses in India. We sourced wood products from sustainable managed forests and companies. We support wholeheartedly the principle of sustainability. Read more...

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Soft Wood

Softwood is a versatile timber option that offers a stunning, seamless finish.

We Are Looking for Partners...

BFP is venturing into new segment i.e., engineered wood products which are of great interest to architects and premium wood sellers. We are welcoming new architect partners and wood products resellers to join us in this journey.

Teak Wood

BFP deals in four types of teak which includes plantation teak wood from South America, African Teak Wood, Burma Teak and CP Teak Wood.


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