One of the Leading Supplier of
Exotic Wood in India

Currently sourcing timber from
more than 20 origins

Certified materials in a timely and
cost effective manner

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We are sourcing Timber from worldwide

Malaysia, Brazil, Ivory-Coast, Ecuador, Panama, Costa - Rica, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Romania, Denmark, Russia, USA & Canada, etc....

B.F.P Timeline 1999-2019

Year 1999 : We entered into the international trade, where our main focus was mainly hardwood import.
Year 2006 : We Successfully Started teak Import.
Year 2009 : After the high demand of our products, we started importing Pine wood.
Year 2014 : B.F.P became one of the leading Timber importer in the country.
Year 2017 : By the End of the year, we were sourcing timber from more than 20 Origins
Year 2018 : supplied more than 72000m3 of quality timber.
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We are a leading global forest products provider that meet and exceed customer expectations for quality, sustainability and certification

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